Sunday, 20 December 2009

Maritime Experiments

The images above are further work I have been doing on a college project called the Maritime Project. The images above are toner photocopies of my 3D physical sculptures. I believe the low-tech feel of the images makes the objects look much more aged. The main appeal of these images to me is the way that they make the objects look very much like x-rayed bones. This theme is one I have explored in the main project (linked above). The top two images are my main pieces and the two below them are alternate experiments with a similar theme. The lower two images show an "Extension Cord" that has been shaped to to suggest the whole skeleton of a whale (with ribs and tail).

Sunday, 13 December 2009


As my gold-plated USB, Razer Diamondback mouse died on me recently I have been using the touch pad on my laptop. This is not good for anything really. So, I have just bought a Wacom, Bamboo electronic pen and tablet for my PC. I am excited to get it because my tendons on the back of my hands are starting to ache.

Logo by Michael Evamy

"A logo is like a lens that an organisation holds up to itself. If there is light behind the lens in the form of outstanding products, a memorable customer experience and excellent supplier relationships, it will shine; the logo will offer a piercing beam of positive associations. If there in no light, there is nothing to see and swapping the lens will not make a blind bit of difference."

I read this in a book I am currently reading. I just think that this quote is really true so I thought I would put it on here.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Weathered logo revisited.

I have revisited the logo I designed for Weathered Clothing because after a few chats, I decided that my first logo was a little too unorigonal. The logo I have now settled on was one of my inital ideas for the logo and I have developed it to this. I feel the use of two different, yet recognisable icons, combine in such a way looks interesting (as well as being a visual pun on the company name).

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Maritime Project

Above is an image of my final piece for a four day fine are project. The project was to create a sculpture/object that was inspired by a trip to the Hull Maritime Museum. More accurately, it was to use a found object in some way to create these inspired works. This could have involved resurfacing an object or deforming it for example.
My inspiration came from looking at the skeletons of the different whale species and the uses for the different bones of the animals. I was looking for objects when i came across a three-way plug adapter and began to see similarities in shape/form/colour etc between it and a single vertebrae. This exploration lead to my development of the "Spine" structure. I researched further into electrical peripherals and began to make more connections to the skeletal structure of whales and many electrical objects. This may be due to the nature of the insulative nature of the materials and their function.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

170gsm Cards.

I have recently began a project that involves me designing and making cards. My design plays on the weighting of different papers and cards and was partly inspired my the "Self descriptive" nature of a painting by John Balderssari. When I began designing the card I intended to use no ink and only a single piece of card. I experiemented with this idea and I am still developing it and hope that It will soon be a reality. I also experimented with ink to label the card which I feel creates a very contrasting image that is easily viewed. I designed the card in a very minimalist fasion to emphasise the card as the most important aspect of the design (rather than any decorative aspect that a traditional card would have). I have also created Christmas and Valentines Day cards that I will soon show on my blog. If you are interested in purchasing any of my cards then simply email me at to arrage it. They are £1 each with a hand made envelope but I will discount larger orders.

Above is my first edition of my hand made birthay cards

Above are my inital experiments using the lead letters and the 170gsm card
Above you can see the way the card has been indented by the hammering of the letters.
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