Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Maritime Project

Above is an image of my final piece for a four day fine are project. The project was to create a sculpture/object that was inspired by a trip to the Hull Maritime Museum. More accurately, it was to use a found object in some way to create these inspired works. This could have involved resurfacing an object or deforming it for example.
My inspiration came from looking at the skeletons of the different whale species and the uses for the different bones of the animals. I was looking for objects when i came across a three-way plug adapter and began to see similarities in shape/form/colour etc between it and a single vertebrae. This exploration lead to my development of the "Spine" structure. I researched further into electrical peripherals and began to make more connections to the skeletal structure of whales and many electrical objects. This may be due to the nature of the insulative nature of the materials and their function.

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