Thursday, 24 June 2010

Body Facts + A Body Myth

So, this is four of the six posters I created for my FMP. The result of the FMP as an interactive exhibition where users had to hazard a guess at which of the five statements (posters) was a myth and which were facts. The "Facts" were all human body orientated. I am quite happy with the final outcomes. Especially the 3D poster that actually works.


  1. I was pretty impressed with the 3D, especially with the use of proper cardboard 3D specs and not the souless plastic things in the cinema.

  2. The 3D actually worked! The image on layers of acetate was good as well, that gave off a really good suspended in space effect. I didn't get that we had to choose one as a myth though, I’m guessing it was the heart one because one of my friends I showed didn’t want to believe that. Also, foamboard is amazing. :D


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